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  • Ken is an author living in Southern California. His first book, "The Prodigal Diaries," chronicles his life from his salvation to his infilling of the Holy Spirit and to his call of God to begin a ministry in Florida. The book is full of (true) miracles including heroin addicts healed instantly without withdrawals. It also dramatically tells of his team of former dopers and drug pushers going into the schools of Florida for voluntary assemblies with amazing results, and taking his team to a rock festival near Tampa in which a rock singer, with a microphone in one hand and the other shaking his fist at God, screaming out "If God's so #@xx real give us a sign. If God's so #@xx real make him stop this rain," and immediately God answered with a lightning bolt and a ball of fire as the stunned crowd looked on. The book also reveals how that, in spite of the miracles and changed lives, turmoil at home eventually found him running from God -- a modern-day prodigal whose return to the Father heart of God is a message of hope and inspiration.   Look for his next book, "  Jeané Rose, the Face of Courage," to be released later in 2018. 

  • "Over the years I have been privileged and humbled to lead many to the Lord Jesus. 'Privileged' because it is such a great joy to be present when someone comes out of darkness and into the light, and 'humbled' because God chose to use me. When He asked me I said 'yes.' -- that's all.  I was willing.  Nothing more. But there are also times when I am so very ashamed, and feel so very guilty -- not because I could have done more, but because I did nothing! There are those I could have witnessed to about Jesus, but instead I either ignored them, or if I spoke to them at all I babbled on about things of no value. I should have done everything in my power to lead them to Christ, but instead I did nothing. For someone who has seen the things I have seen, and experienced the things I have experienced, to have done nothing  means I failed them, and I failed the Lord. So if anyone is inclined to think that I am proud or boastful, I am instead ashamed. To have held 'the keys to the kingdom' and then failed to unlock the chains of darkness for someone who is lost is the greatest failure of all." - Ken

  • "I was about to speak at a gathering once when someone announced me as having 'led thousands to the Lord.' I quickly responded with 'I don't know about that, but I do know . . . it was never enough.' When these things happened instead of trying to take credit I often would find a corner and weep, because I knew what I came from -- a miserable sinner saved by grace. When I think of all of the  great men and women of faith who have accomplished so much in their ministries for the gospel of the kingdom I am thrilled, yet humbled. When someone is saved, or healed, or set free from bondage it gives me 'joy unspeakable.' I can never get enough of God's mercies. Although I no longer speak to great crowds I am just as thrilled to bring hope, encouragement, and a touch from God to all I encounter, even if it's just one. The best I can hope for is to someday hear, 'Well done, my good and faithful servant.'" -- Ken



If you would like to schedule Ken Simmons to speak to your church or organization he can be contacted at: Ken Simmons Ministries, Ontario, California  at, or call (909) 957-8882.