Are you a "Check-the-Box" Christian?




Let’s look at the heading on the “Check-the-Box” chart on this page. It asks for “Religious Preference.” You've probably seen a form similar to this one on a job application, and it's sometimes part of the forms you fill out for your drivers license. Questionnaires frequently ask for your "Religious Affiliation." Not sure whose business it is, but they seem to want to know. Frankly, I'm tempted to put down on the form "It's none of your business!" But that's just me.  I’m one who is not too keen on religion. It’s got man’s fingerprints all over it, and instead of the sweet smell of having been breathed on by the Holy Spirit it’s got the stench of man’s foul breath. 

the crime of being a Christian . . . 

Having the Christian “religion” won’t save your soul. But having a life surrendered to Jesus, the Christ, the Son of the Living God, and being devoted to His kingdom will gain you the prize of eternal life. Remember, this "prize" was a gift -- you didn't earn it.

If being a Christian ever becomes a crime (not too far-fetched in this secular/progressive and politically correct world . . . would there be enough evidence to convict you? For many Americans there's not enough evidence of their being a Christian to even warrant a parking ticket!!

According to an ABC poll, 83% of Americans claim they are “Christian” while other polls have that number as low as 71%. These are individuals who check the box “Christian” when polled about their religious preferences. What are the real numbers of those who have devoted their lives to following Christ and to serving His kingdom? Since pollsters are reluctant to ask probing questions of this nature there seems to be no definitive numbers, so I will ask you – would you be willing to die for your faith?  Despite the numbers of those who "check the box" Christian, I suspect that the number of true followers of Jesus Christ is far less than 10%, both in America and around the world.

you may be a "Check-the-Box" Christian . . . 

If you would deny your faith in Jesus if threatened with death, then you may be  a “Check-the-Box” Christian.

If you're not at all concerned about caring for the poor, then you  may be a “Check-the-Box” Christian.

If you only love those who love you, or think like you, then you may be a “Check-the-Box” Christian.

If you don’t think trying to win souls is important, and you leave it to someone else to do, then you may be a “Check-the-Box” Christian.

If the kingdom of God is less important to you than sports, then you may be a “Check-the-Box” Christian.

If you go to church on Sunday, then live like the devil the rest of the week, then you may be a “Check-the-Box” Christian.

If you only pray when you’re in trouble, then you may be a “Check-the-Box” Christian.

If you love your spouse only when he/she makes you happy, then you may be a “Check-the-Box” Christian.

If the Word of God isn’t food for your soul, then you may be a “Check-the-Box” Christian.

If all you have is the Christian “religion” then you may be a “Check-the-Box” Christian.

If the extent of your “faith” is a membership in a church, then you may be a “Check-the-Box” Christian.

If you believe your “religion” is a “Get-Out-Of-Hell” free pass, then you may be a “Check-the-Box” Christian.

Most of those who identify themselves as Christians are completely unaware that there are now more martyrs who have refused to deny their faith in Jesus than at any time in history, and in doing so have paid with their lives. There are former Muslims who have refused to recant their newfound faith in Jesus and have had their heads cut off. Even children who have refused to deny Jesus have been crucified, buried alive, burned to death, and decapitated.  How does your “faith” stack up against their brand of Christianity?