by Ken Simmons

What happens when a nation loses its moral compass? That nation begins to redefine morality and in essence its people become gods unto themselves, determining right from wrong as they see fit.

Have you ever heard someone say, "What's right, or moral for you may not be moral for me or anyone else."  

Without listing all of the negative things that impact a society with this kind of thinking, let's see if we can put the issue into perspective.

Since the new morality has become like the wind blowing one way today, and another tomorrow, people tend to rewrite the script on what is moral for their lives. If that is acceptable then let's reset the compass on our ships and passenger jetliners and see how well that works out for us.  Will ship’s captains, and airline pilots say, "What's true north to you isn't necessarily true north for me or anyone else. I’ll navigate on my own gut instincts?”  Let’s hope not.

If GPS had not benefited us in any other way, it has at least given us one thing for certain -- Its directions are precise and unambiguous. True north is always true north and anything else to the contrary is pointless. GPS is indisputable.

If morality can be as precise and as unambiguous as GPS, can it sway to and fro with the winds or is it as certain as true north?

The shifting political winds in America would have us believe that the Progressives on the Left have a corner on morality.  Some are even calling it "The New Morality" and anything that deviates from their mantra is, according to them, not only wrong, but is immoral to the core based on their understanding of morality, and therefore worthy of their scorn.

Even if you have compassion on women who have experienced an unwanted pregnancy for a variety of reasons, yet you believe that abortion is the taking of a human life and you cry out for the unborn, you "hate women" -- i.e., they have rewritten morality.

If you disagree with their stand on issues such as same sex marriage, or lesbian or transgender issues, you are a hateful bigot and your opinions should be shouted down -- i.e., they have rewritten morality.

Those of us who believe that morality is as certain as true north, and as precise as GPS, have a choice . . . either sit back and let them roll over us with their version of morality, or we can stand for true north. What was moral in the past is the same today, and it will not change with the shifting political winds of tomorrow. One of the most important ways we can fight back -- is at the ballot box and in discourse in the public square. 

Our silence will only serve to ensure their victory in the end. You see, those of us who believe in the living God and His ways understand that our morality comes from Him, and our Judeo-Christian values are our true north.


Post Script: I hope some of my Nit-Picker friends don't get on my case about Magnetic North, and True North -- I do know the difference.