Miracle at a High School . . .  (Excerpts from The Prodigal Diaries, Chapter 10) 

  • "We'd received a request for our team to come to a high school in Dade City, Florida for a voluntary assembly in which all the students were invited to come in or they could simply mill about the campus as free time since the remainder of classes had been canceled for the day. On this day the assembly hall was filled with hundreds of students and more kept coming in. Soon it was standing room only with eight or ten students standing in back of the assembly hall and up against the walls, and before long it was overflowing out into the foyer. The assembly was scheduled for an hour but this day we were running a long and one of our speakers was still giving his testimony when the bell rang, indicating the period was up."

  • "I looked over at the principal and he motioned to me "keep going, don't stop."  Still more students continued to file in.  This day something was different as the anointing of the Holy Spirit was tangible and you could feel His presence.  For the better part of the remaining hour I was able to preach the love of Jesus and I could sense that God was moving in the crowd of students.  By now two class period bells had gone off, although it was originally scheduled for one hour, and still the principal nodded his approval.  I sensed that God was speaking to their hearts in a powerful way but I didn't know what to do next since I knew I couldn't give an altar call.  Then I heard a still small voice say to me that I should stop, be quiet, and pray, so I stopped speaking and and said, 'God's doing something special right now.  I don't know exactly what's happening but I believe God wants me to stop what I'm doing and pray.'" 

  • "I bowed my head and began to pray silently.  At first I was feeling rather awkward because for the longest time nothing was happening.  Here I was, standing alone in the middle of this big and otherwise empty stage, and it seemed like an eternity of silence.  And then something happened.  In a faraway part of the auditorium I heard someone begin to weep . . . then another . . . and another, and soon it began to sound as though half the student body was in tears.  I then looked up and saw the most amazing sight.  Without my saying another word dozens of young people were rushing, some running, toward the front of the auditorium -- weeping!  And when they reached the front many fell to their knees and began to cry openly.  Within minutes the front of the auditorium was filled with high school students on their knees, surrendering their lives to Jesus.  I still can't go back to that time and that scene without tears coming to my eyes."

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THE TRUE EVENTS that inspired this story are:

Set in the Tampa Bay area:  In the 1970’s there were television news reports of a woman who was abducted during a home invasion, kidnapped, beaten and sexually assaulted.  She was then bound and thrown off a bridge in Tampa Bay miles from shore, where for the entire night and all the following day she had to tread water clinging only to barnacle and mussel encrusted pilings of the bridge. During her time in the water she often had to fight off sharks in order to survive before finally being rescued by a fishing boat.  The news report indicated her husband was suspected of instigating the attack.

THE FICTIONAL ACCOUNT, inspired by those true events, is set in contemporary times:

The heroine in the story is a world famous fashion model, often called the most beautiful woman in the world.  She was loved by all, appeared with Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show, was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey, and married a paparazzi photo journalist who thought the world was his oyster having married a rich model.  Shortly after she surrendered her life to Christ she was brutally attacked and her fans around the world were in shock.  Her newfound faith was what sustained her through her horrific ordeal.  Jeané Rose's confrontation with her attacker on death row at Raiford State Prison in Florida is an epic and stunning conclusion to this dramatic story.  "It’s a whole box of Kleenex good” said one woman reader.  


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