Ken sounds a warning . . .


The subject of morality is considered no longer relevant in this secular-progressive society, but it has gone beyond that – way beyond that.  It has become a subject that is not just irrelevant, but it is no longer tolerated. If you claim that America has lost its moral compass you are often subject to scoffing and outright derision. “Who are you to judge anyone else?”  or “Who elected you Pope?”       

Gender identity has morphed into some Twilight Zone version of reality and any discussion on a university campus that includes traditional gender identity would likely have you branded as a homophobic lunatic and drummed out. To the secular progressive elitists free speech is tolerated only so long as you agree with their idea of what is acceptable speech. Disagree and you’re out of the mainstream and shouted down -- figuratively tarred and feared and run out of town.      

In 2016 the *Obama Administration declared its Transgender Agenda by ordering every public school district in America to permit Transgender students, including students who claim to be Transgender [my comment], to use the bathrooms that match the gender identity they have chosen. This meant that any state, or school district, that failed to comply would be threatened into losing countless millions of dollars in Title 10 federal funding if they did not allow any student who claims to identify with anything other than their birth gender to use bathrooms of the opposite sex. And, they have chosen to do this without an act of Congress as required by the Constitution, instead using a sweeping Presidential edict.


Imagine that your 11-year-old Middle School daughter is showering in the girls' locker room when suddenly a boy enters the showers and demands his right to shower with the girls. This is political correctness run amok and this insanity has gone too far.  And yet that's exactly what this mandate would allow.      

In politically correct America, marriage is no longer considered having been instituted and sanctified by God. What God instituted as a sacred and holy union has been overruled by the U. S. Supreme Court, declaring it has the final say in the matter. On June 16, 2015 five of the nine justices officially ruled that same sex marriage is legal in all fifty states. In my opinion the LGBT community doesn't just want to be tolerated, they want "absolution." They want to hear God say, "Oops, I'm sorry. I made a mistake. You no longer have to be concerned about my old-fashioned ideas . . . I changed my mind." 

Again, maybe you think it's just my opinion, but I believe that ultimately God will have the final judgment in what constitutes holy matrimony regardless of what black-robed judges have to say about the matter. The late Justice Antonin Scalia said of the decision, it was "a threat to American democracy", and it "robs the people of the freedom to govern themselves." Call me "old fashioned" but I'm convinced that God never lies, and what was evil (sin) thousands of years ago is still evin (sin) today regardless of shifting political winds. The world has decided that "The Truth" is now "A Lie" and "Lies" have now become "The Truth" and are celebrated as such. 

But "sinners" should take comfort in this -- Jesus had a soft spot in His heart for sinners. His love has never changed. He made it a point to hang out with the poor, with thieves, tax collectors and prostitutes -- they knew they were sinners -- while the "good people" thought they had no need of a Savior. Heaven will be full of people that the world thought shouldn't be there (former drug addicts, ex-cons, ex-prostitutes, former gang members) -- and a lot of people who they were certain would be walking the streets of gold (famous movie stars, political icons, world leaders, and celebrities) will be mysteriously absent.

(NOTE: Let's make something absolutely clear -- God loves everyone, including homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people, as well as murderers, rapists, thieves, and heterosexual adulterers, and He wants everyone to experience the transformation power of faith through Jesus Christ. He wants them to repent and be saved, but it is the unrepentant sinners who cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. [See I Corinthians 6, 9-11])

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